Cost Estimation

Construction pricing is not regulated by law or regulations in Germany. Firms are free to choose the method they want to use for construction pricing. Most firms price by adding together a number of predetermined price components or by offering a final lump sum.
In order to compare offers from various bidders with different calculation methods, clients in the public sector use standardised forms that must be completed in full by all bidders. Prices for follow-up work or quantity variances are also calculated based on these forms.
Contracts based on the ‘Construction Contract Procedures’ (VOB) feature a provision known as Section 2(3), whereby quantities may vary to an extent of +/- 10% without affecting the unit price. If a quantity falls short of or exceeds this range, new prices must be calculated based on the agreed prices if one of the contract parties requests this.

The VOB provisions for modified and additional work are similar and set out in Sections 2(5) and 2(6). Both provisions demand that new prices are calculated based on the agreed prices. However, VOB Part B does not govern in detail how this occurs.
We can assist you with the calculation and examination of the prices to be charged.